Title: The ICTs in supporting operational risk management

Alexandre Penha

National Operations Assistant
National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority
Specialist in Security Management and Civil Protection

Brief Biographical Note

Alexandre Penha, graduated in Security and Civil Protection Management, is National Operations Assistant at the National Emergency and Civil Protection Command of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, where he is responsible for coordinating decision support and incident management systems.
He began his career as a firefighter in May 1997, in the Lisbon Firefighter Regiment, where he was until 2017. He has worked in the Command Support Office, with responsibility for the management and creation of geographic information and participation in international aid missions.
During his career he participated in several national and international projects in the field of Civil Protection, highlighting the involvement in the working groups to create the decision support system of the European Forest Fire Support (rescEU) capacity, to strengthen the medical response of the Community Civil Protection Mechanism and the development and implementation of a fire behavior simulation system in the national civil protection system (FIREMODSAT II).
Currently attends the Master of Leadership of People and Organizations at the Military Academy.

Title: Borba operation

José Ribeiro

Operational Commander of the Évora District
National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority

Brief Biographical Note

Born on March 8, 1969 in the parish of Veiros, municipality of Estremoz, married and with 2 children.
Operational Commander of the Évora District of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority since 2009, having been 2nd Commander between 2006 and 2009 and senior technician since 1999.
Participated in several civil protection operations, both in the field of fighting forest fires and in search and rescue operations.
Presence in several national and international exercises, with emphasis on the following:

  • In 2009 at the PTQUAKE International Exercise in Portugal, integrating the International Reinforcement Reception Center;
  • In 2018 at the International Exercise RIWATEREX in Madrid-Spain, as Commander of the Joint Operational Force of Portugal;
  • In 2019 at the CASCADE’19 International Exercise in Portugal, as coordinator of the Évora District Command Post.

Degree in International Relations (economics and strategy), postgraduate degree in Emergency Management and frequency of degree in Geography.
Complementary training in the area of civil protection and security in several national institutions, namely the National Security Office, the Civil Emergency Planning Council, the National Fire Department, the Institute for Higher Military Studies and the Military Academy.
As part of the European project FIRE 4, he attended the General Training Course and the Advanced Training Course at the National School of Civil Protection and Emergency (Spain).
Within the scope of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, the highlight is the frequency of the Operational Management Course (Germany), High Level Coordination Course (Austria), Assessment Mission Course (Bulgaria and Cyprus), Security Course (Denmark) and Staff Management Course (Sweden).
Expert of the European Civil Protection Mechanism.
Member of the project team for the National Forest Fire Protection Plan.
Invited Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre.
Various praises awarded by the President of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection and by the Secretaries of State for Civil Protection.