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The general theme of the Congress was inspired by the watchword of the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Center (DRMKC), so it made perfect sense to bring along this European Commission initiative to a round table, to raise our awareness about how to improve and strengthen the communication between policy makers and scientists, with respect to risk and disaster management.

Thus, the DRMKC Team will begin by explaining why it believes that cooperation between policy makers and scientists is important.

Then, through a Q&A session, the Team will help to identify the barriers that hinder a more cooperative approach to risk and disaster management, and discuss the way to make the world more resilient.

Introductory themes:

Welcome and introduction to the session
Montserrat Marin Ferrer (JRC)

The concept of the Knowledge Centres
Speaker: Ainara Casajus Valles (JRC)

The Science for DRM 2017. Knowing better and losing less
: Yung-Fang Chen (Coventry University, UK)

The Science for DRM 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow
Xavier Romão (University of Porto, Portugal)

Recommendations for NRA for DRM in the EU
Luca Galbusera (JRC)

Risk Data Hub
Matthias Themessl (ZAMG, Austria)

Citizen engagement
Angela Guimaraes Pereira (JRC)
Participants:  João Dinis (Municipality of  Cascais) and
Marc Castellnou (Regional Government of Catalonia)

Round table: Engaging citizens in DRM – challenges and opportunities

Moderator: Angela Guimaraes Pereira
Participants: Yung-Fang Chen, Xavier Romão, Luca Galbusera, Matthias Themessl, João Dinis and Marc Castellnou