Having in mind that the visit to companies was planned, for reasons of mitigating possible contagions of COVID-19, the visit on Technological Risks was canceled


Itinerary, analysis and discussion of the systemic effects and the socioenvironmental and landscape risks derived from uranium mining and energy production in the Central Region.

Itinerary (1 day visit)

Coimbra (D. Dinis), Aguieira Dam, Mortágua Forest Biomass Thermoelectric Plant, Urgeiriça Mining Area, Penacova Aeolian Park, Coimbra (D. Dinis).

Visit limited to 50 participants


  • Critical analysis of risks and systemic effects associated with the construction of a hydroelectric dam;
  • Discussion of the role of a biomass power plant as a factor in sustainable forest management and forest fire risk mitigation;
  • Problematization of multivariate risks arising from uranium mining and possible socio-environmental mitigation strategies;
  • Critical observation of wind energy production potential and associated socio-environmental risks;
  • Critical discussion of the region’s geo-human imbalances and the risks associated with monocultures and forest disorder.