This technical visit, carried out in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (Loures and Oeiras municipalities), is part of the scope of anthropic risks, with regard to social risks. The objective is to contact geographic areas that present great challenges in terms of social exclusion, realizing how important the role of associations and municipalities has been to mitigate this situation through art and education.

Itinerary (1 day visit)

Coimbra (Largo D. Dinis), Loures (Quinta do Mocho and Academy of Arts), Oeiras (Municipal Integration of Migrants), Lisbon (airport), Coimbra (Largo D. Dinis.

Visit limited to 25 participants.


  • Observe a program of urban regeneration located in the eastern area of Lisbon (Loures) with urban public art as a form of territorial (re) qualification and combating exclusion;
  • Discuss inclusive municipal resettlement policies associated with cultural functions;
  • Understand the strategy of diffusion of art as a form of territorial (re) appropriation oriented to the school population;
  • Know the Council of Europe Intercultural Cities program promoted by the municipality of Oeiras;
  • Observe and enjoy the aesthetics of Baroque residential architecture present in the Marquês de Pombal / Condes de Oeiras palace.