In view of its characteristics and to avoid possible contagions of COVID-19, the visit on Geomorphological Risks was canceled.


The field trip to the northwest of Portugal aims to observe and analyze some cases of geomorphological dynamics, specifically related to erosive processes, associated, on the one hand, with the coastal dynamics and, on the other, with the occurrence of forest fires.

Itinerary (2 day visit)

Coimbra, Apúlia, Ofir, Esposende, Castro de São Lourenço, Praia de São Bartolomeu do Mar, Guimarães, Morreira, Picoto, Fraião, Braga, Bom Jesus de Braga, Sameiro, Falperra, Santa Marta das Cortiças, Guimarães, Coimbra.

Visit limited to 50 participants


  • Observation of the consequences of erosive actions on the north coast of Portugal;
  • Observation of anthropic occupation on the north coast and erosion mitigation actions acting there;
  • Dendrocaustological reality in northern Portugal and analysis of erosive consequences after forest fires;
  • Observation of mitigation measures of erosive effects in burnt areas.

Note: The cost of this trip includes:

  • a place on the bus;
  • lunch on the days 16 and 17;
  • dinner of the day 16;
  • overnight accommodation from day 16 to 17 at a hotel in Guimarães;
  • breakfast on the day 17.